Monday, May 2, 2011


Alright, I'll admit, this is another one of those assignments. This one, we went to Wimbledon which is sort of a part of London but small little section with it's own "village". And of course, tennis. Instead of tall buildings, there were actual houses and expensive looking houses with gardens too. It was hard to believe we weren't that far out of Central London. There was also, in somewhat random placement, as in out of nowhere, a Buddist Temple. It was really pretty on the outside but no one in the group I was with seemed to want to go in so I, well, didn't go in.

After that, we went and saw the Tennis Lawn, or sort of. We couldn't actually go on to a court of anything. The closest we got was asking one of the security guards if we could go into the shop, which they allowed us to do suspiciously (the whole thing is surrounded by tall fences and there's a gate with two guards). We went in, looked around at over-priced tennis stuff and left.

Then we went into the more "town" part which looked a bit like downtown Ames (only with older buildings). There were a lot of very different purposed shops, most of them small businesses.