Saturday, April 30, 2011


So, just as an FYI I have discovered that museums are a thing it's pro baby best if I go to alone. See, I like to stop and read things and go slowly which could be entirely annoying. Which is why I went to the Imperial War Museum a second time, the second time on my own, and was pretty glad I went to Tower of London on my own.

The Imperial War Museum is a really big museum mostly over World Wars I and II in Britain but there's also exhibits on the time in between the wars and the cold war, etc. One of the most interesting things for me was the Children's War exhibit which was about the children in Britain during WWII. It talked about how a lot of them had been sent to the countryside (and some to other countries) during the bombings. They also talked about rationing and had a replica of a house from that time period. There was also a Trench Warfare exhibit which was dark and smelled badly where they made it like you were in a trench. There was also the Holocaust exhibit on the top floor which was- well it was about the Holocaust. Enough said. It wasn't cheery.

On a lighter note, I lately went to the Tower of London. I've had to go there since I decided to come to London because my mom and I have a bit of an obsession with Anne and Mary Boleyn. I even went and got the audio guide which was actually really well done. Obviously, the whole thing wasn't about Henry VIII. I mean, the Tower of London has in parts been around a LOT longer than that. And there actually wasn't too much torture that went on in the Tower but that's the main thing remembered about it. But they had displays of armour and the royal jewels (which was actually the most boring part if you ask me) which I went and saw and there was the fact about the ravens (there always has to be ravens at Tower of London or supposedly the Tower and monarchy will fall). All in all, I spent the better part of a day wandering around like a dork with headphones and an audio guide and camera.

Bath (No Rubber Ducks Involved)

As a group we went to Bath. Back in March. The middle of March. Right... Moving on.

Bath is a city in England which, I admit, the majority of my knowledge about came from Jane Austen novels where people often go to Bath as a cure for minor diseases (which means of course I went to the Jane Austen museum but more on that later). Although, having not even a cold at the time I went, I can't speak for the miracles of Bath.

Before we got to Bath, however, we stopped at Dyrham Park, which is actually an old mansion that the family gave up to be a museum of sorts. So we went through and heard about life back when they had a ton of servents, etc. Pretty interesting overall but more fun to walk around and try and imagine people actually living there. But the best part was that we got to walk around the park afterwards. The back was all gardened and pretty. There was also a church (because there are old churches everywhere) and an old graveyard in the back (with a Great War memorial because there's a Great War memorial everywhere around here). The front was big enough to just walk around a "get lost" for a while. And I got to see deer up close (the deer the park was named for).

We were in Bath that evening, all the next day, and the next morning. The first thing we did was get a tour of the Roman Baths, which are still there and had a pretty good audio tour. It was really interesting but I won't bore you with a ton of facts and things. The first night, we ate at a pub where there was a group from a stag (bachelour) party there too.

Next day, we went on a bus tour to see around Bath and then went wandering about in the town. I went with another girl and saw the Jane Austen museum which was brilliant. I got to learn about her family and see actual letters she wrote to her sister and dresses and hear about her life in Bath (which wasn't entirely pleasant). Later that night I went to my first and only movie in the UK. Cinemas are pretty much the same here, not going to lie. Although they did have a section selling ice cream and milkshakes along with popcorn.

We left in the morning and made a stop in Lacock which is this town where they've tried to preserve the historial look of an English village and they have Lacock Abbey. What's so special about Lacock Abbey you may ask? Well part of Harry Potter filming took place there! We went through rooms guessing which classroom it had been for filming and took pictures of part of the halls. I felt like a nerd (which I always am) but this time I had loads of company. Yay!