Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I Have Learned Since Leaving

Because I figured they ought to be recorded somewhere.

*How to turn my i-pod fully off. I didn't even know there was a way to turn it fully off but apparently there is

*There is no comfortable way to sleep on a plane. Do not count on being able to.

*I have taken for granted the lovely road plan set place in Iowa. Roads are not in general straight. To paraphrase someone else, when certain immigrants got to Iowa, they said, "We shall build roads and they shall be straight, with a square mile in the middle. If there is a hill, we will go over it or under it. If there is water, we shall go over it and if we absolutely can not, we shall deviated as slightly as possible and then go straight back to the original plan." London does not follow said plan.

*The lesson of looking both ways before you cross the street is better spent on 5-year-olds in the UK than in the USA. In the US, pedestrians have the right of way. In the UK, they only do at special crossings. Overall lesson? Cross when and where you can and do it fast (although running across makes you look rather idiotic).

*There really isn't a difference in music or movies between the USA and the UK except that the music and movies currently in the UK are ones from a couple months ago in the USA (Tangled just came out in cinemas on Friday).

*I can indeed be taught to read a map.

*I can indeed decipher north from south... if it is written on a wall which way is north (or south, I'm not that picky).

*The rule about two seasons, construction and winter? Yeah, does not apply or else I wouldn't keep getting woken up by the sound of construction.

*Having the tax included in the price of things is lovely.

*Having to mentally take every price by 1.6 to figure out the cost is not lovely.

*I really need to learn more languages than English and Spanish. I swear I've heard ten gazillion since getting to London.

*People will generally give you directions if you ask for them. However this would imply me getting the courage to ask them and that's something I would have a hard time doing at home...

*I should learn to start cooking BEFORE I'm hungry as I keep making things that take no time because I'm hungry.

*Poundland is a far more awesome name for a discount store than Dollar General or Dollar Tree.

*Pigeons are everywhere.

*My dog should be here to teach the squirrels in the UK a lesson. And the pigeons too. Although keeping him away from the swans would probably be a wise idea...

*Market's are awesome. Brixton market smells like meat but it's not that much worse than Fareway and there's cheaper fruit.

*Wash hats you buy from a market before wearing them or you shall spend the next day wondering if your head is itching (thankfully not a lesson I learned first hand).

*100 years is not that old for a building despite the fact that most of the homes in Ames are younger than I am.

*Outlets can be turned off and this is a lovely idea.

Alright, that's it for now. Have a good day and all that.

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